Have you ever desired, deep within your soul, to make a comfortable full-time living from a farming enterprise? Too often people dare not even vocalize this. You Can Farm is probably the Joel Salatin book that kicked off more future farmers than any other, and I have to include us in that count. We recently finished reading Joel Salatin’s You Can Farm: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Start and $ucceed in a Farming Enterprise. It’s a good.

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You Can Farm by Joel Salatin | Permaculture & Alcohol Can Be A Gas

I would encourage you NOT to buy land. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. It brings this breadth at the expense of depth, but the ‘how-to’ is presumably in some of Salatin’s other books, Pastured Poultry Profits and Salad Bar Beef which we haven’t read yet. Head to the checkout Empty my basket and order this item instead.

There’s a little bit of kooky stuff in the main part of the book e. Have you ever desired, deep within your soul, to make a comfortable full-time living from a farming enterprise? In stock can be backordered Quantity. I had to stop reading because the book was a rough draft. He does repeats often and discredits science. I really enjoyed this book. But for farm entrepreneurs, the opportunities for a farm family business have never been greater.

Jan 15, John rated it it was amazing. Salatin is an interesting character, and I don’t know that I quite agree with all his politics but he has considered them carefully and he has a lot of good information. Central to Polyface Farm was a carefully controlled rotation of animals grazing on the land, with chickens following cows to break up their manure and eat the grubs laid in it, reducing fly problems and providing food for the chickens. Stay right where you are, rent some land somewhere nearby, and farm that plot of land.


The main thing that was helpful in this book was his breakdown of the economics of farming and how creatively a farm can be badly managed and lose money. In some ways, we’re kindred spirits, this Salatin and I. They have a short shelf life and a fair market value. It acknowledges and celebrates the constraints of small-scale, often family based startup farming systems, and explains a raft of possibilities and approaches for growing that gumption to grow into a viable enterprise.

Jul 30, Jennifer rated it really liked rarm. His methods show a clear focus on what makes a successful farm making money and how to best leverage synergistic approaches don’t just sell corn, sell cornbread! Overall, I would say most of the advice here is still quite applicable For those looking to get a sample of Joel, there is an extensive YouTube selection to choose from.

You Can Farm by Joel Salatin: Book Review

He and his family enjoy working at it, and have a solid base of satisfied customers. His goal is to marry profitability with sustainability.

Five stars may be a bit much, some of his opinions are way out there on the far right, but I am rounding up from the 4. Each animal fits a unique role in the farm ecosystem.

Jun 09, Phillip rated it it was ok Shelves: Included in this goal is smell. You’ll be earning a living from your farming, making a profit that you can save.


But if you can rent big empty plots around you–vacant lots, corporate lawns, etc. I am about to begin my own small farming enterprise, and I’m sure that plenty of Salatin’s rules of thumb will be useful for jofl as I begin learning the ropes and moving toward something that works for me.

The pay is too low. During the summer, a piece of pasture can produce chickens or eggscows, rabbits, and hay. Therefore, he advocates a green capitalism based off of a small business model.

On hoel 88 – need to renew. Rather than being a purely rah-rah book, Salatin would rather scare off potential farmers than have them get themselves into something they don’t really want and consequently will fail at anyway.

You Can Farm by Joel Salatin

If you are at all, even remotely, interested in farming, then you need to read this book. I greatly appreciate Joel’s methods – we need more farmers like him. He appears in both the film Food, Inc. The author also stresses the importance of treating the farm as a business and explaining what it takes to make a farm profitable.

Want to Read saving…. The reason this brought the book down a star or two for me were two-fold: Have you read You Can Farm? Coupled with unequivocal endorsements of almost every spurious, new age, anti-scientific crap you can think of, this book became quite tiresome. This book jofl not only a great pleasure to read, I found it exciting and wonderfully engaging.