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University of O xford T ext A rchive. With a Scripturall Confutation of the ruinous Grounds of W. He considered that Popery and defection had made a large step in Britain, and that Arbitrary Government had over-swelled all banks of Law, that it was now at the highest float, and that this sea approaching the farthest border of fancied absolutenes, was at the score of ebbing: True, but their suffrings are not of blood, or kindred, to the calamities of these of whom Lactantius saith, l.

The causes of their suffring are, 1. I have not time to examine the P. Prelate, hath dethroned many Kings ; I mean the Pope, whose power, Sacr. I fear Christ shall never own this order.

Prelates have trampled Diadem and Scepter under their feet, as histories teach us. Prelates, shall forbid to obey them, who is, in right-down truth, a mortall civill Pope, may loose and liberate subjects from the tye of a Divine law. The Church hath never more beauty and plenty under any government, then Monarchy, which is most countenanced by God, and magnified by Scripture. Libentius cum fortuna principis, quam cum principe loquuntur: The first lye is, that we have Lay-Elders, whereas, they are such as rule, But labour not in the word and doctrine, 1 Tim.

That any Church judicature in Scotland, Pag. That the King must submit his Scepter to the Presbytery ; the Kings Scepter is his Royal office, which is not subject to any judicature, That the presbytery out of pride refused to answer King James his Honourable messengers, is a lye, they could not in businesse of high concernment, return a present answer to a Prince, seeking still to abolish Presbyteries.

Its a lye, that all sins, even all civil businesse, come under the cognizance of the Church, for only sins, as publikely scandalous, fall under their power, Mat. The Presbytery hinder not lawfull merchandize; They repeal no civill Lawes, Our Moderator hath no dominion, Pag.

It is true, we have no Popish consecration, such as P. Beeffe, it is no law with us, no more then the Bishops five hundred markes, or a yeares stipend that the intrant gave to the Lord Bishop for a church. It is false, that Presbyteries usurp both swords: Elias might be said then to mix himselfe with the civill businesse of the Kingdom, because he prophecied against Idolators killing of the Lords Prophets, which crime the civill Magistrate was to punish. But the truth is, the Assembly of Glasgow, It is a lye, That some Leading men rule all here ; indeed Episcopall men made factions to rent the Synods: The prime men, as Mr.

Bruce the faithfull servant of Christ, was honoured and attended by all, because of his Suffering, Zeal, Holinesse, his fruitfull Ministery in gaining many thousand souls to Christ: So, though King James cast him off, and did swear, By Gods name he intended to be King, the Prelate maketh Blasphemy a vertue in the King yet King James sware he could not find an honest Minister in Scotland to be a Bishop, and therefore he was necessitated to promote false knaves; but he said sometimes, and wrote it under his hand, that Mr.


Bruce was worthy of the half of his kingdom: His lyes of Mr. They ought to have no negative vote, to impede the conclusions of Christ in his servants.

It is a lye, that the King hath no power to appoint time an [ I conceive the Prelates, if they had power, would repeal the Act of Parliament made, An. Bishops set themselves as independent Monarchs, above Kings and Laws: Commissioners from Burroughs, and Two from Edinbrough, because of the largenesse of that Church, not for Cathedrall supereminence, sit in Assemblies, not as sent from Burroughs, but as sent and Authorized by the Church Session, of the Burrough, and so they sit there in a Church capacity.

Doctors both in Accademies, and in Parishes, we desire, and our Book of Discipline holdeth forth such. This sheweth what estimation he hath of Popery, and how he abhorreth Protestant Religion.

The killing of the monstrous and prodigious wicked Cardinall in the Castle of St.

An , An Suppliers and Manufacturers at

What was a1n603 by the servant of Christ, whom p. The making away the fat Abbacies and Bishopricks, is a bloody Heresie to the earthly minded Prelate: And was it a heresie that M. Melvin taught, that Presbyter and Bishop are one function in Scripture? James took away all generall Assemblies, as the event proved; and the King may with as good warrant inhibit all Assemblies for Word and Sacraments, as for Church Discipline.

They excommunicate not for light faults and trifles as the Lyar saith: This Assembly never took on them to chose the Kings Counsellours, but these who were in authority took K. It is true, Glasgow Assembly This Assembly might well forbid M.

Is this inconsistent with Monarchie? The Commissioners of the generall Assembly, are 1. A meer occasionall judicature.

Appointed by, and subordinate to the Generall Assembly. The historicall calumnie of the Marquesse of Hamilton to be King, because K.

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James had made defection from the true Religion: Lord establish Peace and Truth. I Reduce all that I am to speak of the power of Kings, to the Author or efficient. The matter or subject. The form or power. The end and fruit of their Government; And 5. What is warranted by the direction of natures light, is warranted by the Law of nature, and consequently by a divine Law; for who can deny the Law of nature to be a divine Law?

That power of Government in generall must be from God: I make good, 1. Wherefore we must be subject not onely for wrath or civill punishment but for conscience sake, 1 Pet.

Now God onely by a divine Law can lay a band [Page 2] of subjection on the conscience, tying men to guilt, and punishment, if they transgr [ All civill power is immediately from God in its root. He might have imputed this to the Brasilians, who teach, That every single man hath the power of the sword to revenge his own injuries, as Molina to.


AS domestick societie is by natures instinct, so is civill societie naturall, in radice, in the root, and voluntary, in modo, in the manner of coalescing. Suarez saith, That a power of making Laws, is given by God as a property flowing from nature, Qui dat formam, dat consequ [ Civill societie how naturall.

We are to distinguish betwixt a power of Government, and a power of Government by Magistracy. That Princedom, Empire, Kingdom, or Iurisdiction hath its rise from a positive and secundary law of Nations, and not from the law of pure Nature. Law saith, De jure gentium secundarius est omnis principatus.

He took David from following the Ewes, and made him King and feeder of his people, 1 Sam. If he shall do violence to the life of his brother: Yet so as this consent proceedeth not from a disposition every way purely naturall.

Tannerus saith well, and as I shall prove God willing, this was not properly a Royall or Monarchicall power; and I judge by the reasoning of Sotus 4. Molina, and Victoria in relect.

The powers that are, be of God ; Rom. It is against natures light to resist the ordinance of God. Not to feare him to whom God hath committed the sword, for the terror of evill doers. Not to honour the publike rewarder of well-doing. Not to pay tribute to him for his worke. Soto, Suarez de Reg.

Barclaius saith the same: By way of permission, Ier. Behold I will send and take Nebuchadnezzar the King of Babylon, my servant, and will set his throne upon these stones that I have hid, and he shall spread his royall pavilion over them. God giving to a people power to appoint what Government they shall thinke good, but instituting none in speciall, in his Word.

But we teach no such thing: Maxwell free his Master Bellarm. Bellarmine and other Iesuites, with whom he sideth in Romish Doctrine: Bellarmine saith that politick power in generall is warranted by a Divine law; but the particular formes of politick power, he meaneth Monarchie, with the first, is not by Divine right, but de jure [ Maxwell his Surplice is: A King is said to be from God, by particular designation, as he appointed Saul by name for the crown of Israel.

The Kingly or Royall office is from God by divine institution and not by naked approbation: There is no power but of God, the powers that be, are ordained of God.

To resist the Kingly power, is to resist God. He is the Minister of God for our good. He beareth the sword of God to take vengeance upon ill-doers.