The Sublime Revelation (al-fath Ar-rabbani) by Shaikh ‘Abd Al-Qadir Al-Jilani, , available at Book Depository with free delivery. The Sublime Revelation Al-Fath ar-Rabbani. Shaikh ‘Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani, Muhtar Holland (tr.) Paperback. A Collection of 62 Discourses. By: Abd Al-Qadir Al-Jilani, Muhtar Holland Publisher: Al-Baz Publishi Paperback, pages Alternate SKU: bok, , ,

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Al-Fath ar-Rabbani (The Sublime Revelation)

This is the consequence of loving this world, chasing after it, and being greedy for it and what it has to offer. You are stupidity within stupidity. He shall not be questioned as to what He does, but they shall be questioned. Leave your family and entrust them to the safekeeping of your Lord Almighty and Glorious is He. Paradise is the home of those who seek spiritual status [darajat], the home of merchants who have traded this world for it.

Al Fath Ar Rabbani | Brilliance of Islam

Ar-rabbqni Prayers by Shaikh Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani Contains many special invocations taught to us by the Shaikh for their revelatiln blessings. The central point is the soundness and purity of your heart and your innermost being, both of which become pure through the acquisition of knowledge, its application in practice, sincerity in that practice, and honesty in seeking the Lord of Truth Almighty and Revelatioh is He.

Pay attention to Him with your hearts. From you I want deeds without talk. O Allah, bless us with harmony and the abandonment of discord, and: If you happen to have acquired a whole loaf of this world, and your lower self [nafs] is fighting for control and your desires are making demands, then is the time to look after those who cannot get even a slice.

From your country right up until foreign or abroad you may be known. You can use it when you feel bored to go to the library. You will be unable to evict it from your heart and to abstain from it, and it will kill you as it has killed others. Deny the attribution to Him of anything that is unworthy of Him, and affirm as belonging to Him whatever is worthy of Him, namely what He is pleased to attribute to Himself, and what His Messenger Allah bless him and give him peace has been pleased to attribute to Him.


Leave good and evil to your outer, and concentrate on your inner together with the Creator of good and evil. You claim that your heart has become detached from creatures, when you actually fear them and pin your hopes on them.

Because of them they receive rain. When someone really knows Allah Almighty and Glorious is Hehe does not get attached to anything and has no illusions about anything. Where is your self-discipline, your struggle with the self and your hostility against it on the side of the Lord of Truth Almighty and Glorious is He?

Do not lay these whips aside from it until it becomes tame, and obeys Allah Almighty and Glorious is He under all circumstances. The reason why of this The Sublime Revelation Al-Fath ar-Rabbani can be one of several great books you must have is definitely giving you more than just simple reading food but feed you actually with information that perhaps will shock your prior knowledge.

Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. You can choose the best book if you love reading a book. If one of these should ever come your way, you must behave decently in his presence.

Your secret is public knowledge. You cannot palm it off on me, because I have seen ar-rabbanni lot just like it. They come to be like physicians when the rest of the people are sick. You must study and then practice. They have no power to harm or benefit, to give or to withhold. This business is not accomplished by wagging the tongue. You will soon be dead. Since this is how you are, Satan has set up camp in your heart and made it a place for him to live in. Let it be for us like the fire of Abraham, Your special friend [khalil].

O you who idly neglect your tasks! Faith is the ship. O abandoners who are not abandoned! Prayer [salat], fasting [sawm], pilgrimage [hajj] and all acts of charity—all of this is unlucky for you.


The Sublime Revelation (Al-Fath ar-Rabbani) (January edition) | Open Library

Citations are based on reference standards. You must beg the Lord of Truth Almighty and Glorious is He to make your outcome good, and to restrict you to those actions that He likes best.

You only flee from tribulation and misfortunes because you feel no pressing need for saintship, direct knowledge and the nearness of Allah Almighty and Glorious is He. Then, if He gives him what he wishes, he thanks Him for Suvlime gift, and if He does not grant his request, he concurs with the refusal and patiently accepts His will, with neither protest nor argument.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. He shapes them for Himself and creates them for Himself, not for any other. O you who are so preoccupied with this world, you will soon experience loss and remorse in this world and the hereafter. The Seniors are tue pure hearts that turn away from everything apart from Allah Almighty and Glorious is He.

You have all day, while others have this moment. I have fashioned you for Myself. If talking about this cannot be avoided altogether, your words should be devoted to the invocation of His blessings and speaking well of His people, not to making claims with your outer being when they have no substance in your heart.

The Sublime Revelation (Al-Fath ar-Rabbani) by Shaikh ‘Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani, Muhtar Holland

This is why they have detached themselves from people and abstained from ordinary habits. It was as if he were saying: Study the external jurisprudence [al-fiqh az-zahir], then retire to the inner jurisprudence [al-fiqh al-batin]. Take revelatkon from the admonitions of the Messenger Allah bless him and give him peace and accept what he tells you.

Who is your boon companion [jalis] in public? It is most hateful in the sight of Allah that you say what you do not do.