The following design drawings illustrate the construction of a 9mm submachine gun utilizing off the shelf ‘British Standard Pipe’ (BSP) Fittings. This post accompanies the seventeenth in a series of collaborative videos produced with ARES Researcher Ian McCollum, who also runs the. Possibly homemade, the submachine-gun and five sawed-off bsp 9mm of lutys sight free plans for all jump.

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Amazing how cutting an inch off the wooden part can draw a 10 year sentence. It was actually legal, since it was not a functioning fire arm, per se.

Police find homemade submachine gun

I founded TFB in and over 10 years worked tirelessly, with the help of my team, to build it up into the largest gun blog online. Aden, Thanks for the kind words! May 23, at For many reasons, this entire subject fascinates me and has for many years. Too, no ammunition was allowed on premise. PA Luty 9mm Submachine Guns.

Has the receiver of the Smith and Wesson but everything else is Madsen. Even the vertical mag models that were tested and the German MP that copied them.

The capabilities of these two examples, one of which is fitted with a simple sound suppressor, are therefore unclear. Additional information is always welcome. ARES is an apolitical organisation.

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Side lever grease applicator and internai spring.

Insert tube onto ratchet and retain using high strength bearing adhesive. It 9mmm made from a mm iength of 40 x 20mm tubing. That is what appears to be a smith and wesson 76 or MK made from a kit.

PA Luty 9mm Submachine Guns – Armament Research Services

Also, the barrel was a blank made up of steel tubing, I believe. It sounds nutso in this day and age. We are working on more new and interesting content right now. It is chambered in. If the builder is a machinist with a lathe and mill, the job will take no more then two days. It look like this old sub.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Because this BSP machine gun design uses some of the same components seen in ‘Expedient Homemade Firearms’ Volume I, I have not discussed their manufacture again here, for fear of boring the reader, and myself. Its a grease gun, the mafia would use them as well as thompsons. Stay tuned to The Hoplite for the release of a forthcoming Small Arms Survey paper examining the global production and use of improvised and craft-produced small arms and light weapons, authored by ARES personnel — Ed.

In some cases, manufacturers of craft-produced firearms have also used repurposed factory-made barrel.

Expedient Homemade Firearms – 9mm Semi Auto | Survival Monkey Forums

Stay tuned, and we will sbumachine details as soon as it is released. With a few minor modifications to the bwp process, however, it could be made so. Fred, have a look at the photo, they are most defiantly shawn off shotguns — barrels sawed off and stocks converted to pistol grips. Either way, the stack of washers must result in a combined length of 4 – 5mm. The following design is offered on the understanding that the reader is already familiar with the firearm construction methods shown in my previous ‘Expedient Homemade Firearms’ books.


Here is a plan for it on Scribd. See templates, page 3. The weapon shown in the following document has not been built and is therefore a prototype design only. The Winnipeg Sun reports:. You can have any length of barrel legally, as long as you bought it that way. We will post links to the paper on The Hoplite as soon as it is released. Two studding connectors are used to hold the side – plates together Expedient Homemade Firearms. Overall length of a shotgun or rifle must be at least 26 inches.

Two receiver side – plates are required.

If a firearm could be manufactured entirely from scratch using commonly available materials, then anyone with the requisite skill would be able to bypass national or local firearms law and restrictions on sale.

Lower receiver looks like a Tippman. The two connectors must be exactly 20mm in length. Each video will be accompanied by a blog post, here on The Hoplite, and supported by high quality reference photographs. At one time, the plans were available from Paladin Press pretty sure.